Loving Animals

Loving Animals
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Loving Animals

Loving Animals

von: Antonia Zsongott, Andreea Andonie, Carmen Andonie, Vlad Bucatariu

Format: 17 cm x 12 cm

Softcover mit Illustrationen

Seiten: ca. 77

Plus 3 Tiergrußkarten

ISBN: 978-3-946723-05-9


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Fifteen short stories, written by four Romanian animal lovers – aged 11 to 18 – give an impression how young people live with cats and dogs, in a country where animals are still very often regarded as worthless.

The young authors recognized how valuable and lovely animals are, they feel it in their hearts and because of that, they try to give their best to make the animals' lives a little bit more light - and hopeful.

Three colourful greeting cards, which come together with this book, can be sent by post or given as present to all people who are interested in the animals' well-being.

This little book is part of the “Project Shooting Starlight”, a helping project for homeless animals especially in Romania but also everywhere in the world.



Loving Animals Loving Animals Loving Animals Loving Animals

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